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Little Scream

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čia jai talkina Sarah ir Richard Reed

Little Scream Myscpace (ypač "Heron and the Fox"!)

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Richard rašo: klausykitės radijo

Hi friends, please forgive the group email...

I would like to announce and invite you all to listen to the broadcast premiere of my first work for orchestra, entitled "For Heart, Breath and Orchestra". It's an experimental piece in which most of the musicians in the orchestra are wearing stethoscopes and playing in time with their own individual heart rates, or breathing rates, and the conductor conducts
using his own breath as the tempo guide.

It premiered last month in Toronto and Kitchener, performed by the Kitchener/Waterloo Orchestra, as part of a concert of music curated and hosted by my friend Nico Muhly. The concert was recorded by the CBC and
will be being broadcast on CBC Radio 2's The Signal on Wednesday November 25th at 10pm.

My piece is somewhat quiet in comparison with other pieces in the program, so if you do tune in, you might want to turn it up bit for the most immersive experience possible... :)

There's a little introduction/explanation below if you want to read more about the piece itself. Be well... thanks for listening...


koncerto kuratorius - JAV kompozitorius Nico Muhly (The Reader), Michael Nyman, Philip Glass ir Richard Reed Parry kūrinius gros Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra.

Richard Reedapie savo kūrinį

For Heart, Breath and Orchestra is the third in a series of compositions I have written which use automatic/involuntary muscles in the human body(specifically the lungs and the heart) as the performance parameters. All of the notes are read from a score, but the tempos at which they are played are all governed by either the heart rate or breathing rate of the individual players, or the conductor.

During the performance, many of the performers wear stethoscopes which enable them to play in synch with their own heartbeats. At other times the performers play directly in synch with their own individual breathing, or are cued by the conductor who uses his/her own breath rate to determine the tempo.

This kind of performing can yield a subtlety, a spaciousness, and a fragile, organic style of interplay between performers which can never be repeated: each performance is it's own unique, gentle collision of notes, dynamics, timing and shifting harmonies which has new, subtle life literally breathed into it every time it is played.

The initial piece written in this manner was a duet, conceived and composed at the Banff Centre for the Arts during a 2005 residency. The second piece was a quartet, commissioned by the 2009 Music Now festival, performed by the Kronos Quartet in March 2009.

Richard Reed Parry

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Belorchestrantai groja "The Gaze" gyvai laidoje "Studio 360", PRI

(galvoju, kad Opus 3 buvo dar fainiau, nes grojo be ausinių, kaip tikram koncerte :)

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Bellorch Niujorko radijuj

muzika gyvai ir truputis kalbos apie naują albumą su Richard ir Sarah WNYC laidoje Soundcheck

(ačiū Vitai)

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dar Kaveh

Upwards March from Kaveh Nabatian on Vimeo.

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Bell Orch goes Baltic

Bell Orchestre On Tour in the Baltics from Kaveh Nabatian on Vimeo.

Vana Tallinn

Vana Tallinn from Kaveh Nabatian on Vimeo.